Signs of Aging and Eye Creams

Posted on March 29, 2013
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As the saying goes’ “the eyes are the window to the soul” indeed the eyes are very expressive not only when it comes to people’s emotions but as well as their physical being.

The human eyes are very eminent when it comes to the physical appearance which is why some diseases and illnesses can be discovered by undergoing iris analysis.

Skin area around the eyes

The eyes are one of the most delicate parts of the human body, and the skin area around the eyes is another consideration.

This particular area has a lot to do when it comes to aging because it is the place where some signs of aging can normally be seen.

Here are some signs of aging that can be seen on the skin area around the eyes:

  • Wrinkles or sometimes known as crow’s feet
  • Darkening around the eyesDarkening around the eyes
  • Sagging
  • Puffiness of the skin area around the eyes
  • Fine lines

How to get rid of these signs of aging?

Young individuals think that they should not worry about these aging marks because it will take them many more years to have them showing on the area around their eyes, but actually this is the right time for them to prevent these aging marks from appearing around the skin area of their eyes when they get old.

Eye creams for signs of aging around the eyes

Eye creams are definitely popular right now because of the number of people who wants to get rid of their aging marks.

  • It is very important to look for eye creams without any counterproductive effects normally found on cheap and ordinary eye creams. It does not mean that one must opt for expensive eye creams, it is just that carefully choosing the right eye cream make sense. Nobody would love to see the skin around their eyes to develop further sagging as a result of using cheap and ordinary eye creams.
  • Be sure to look for ideal eye cream ingredients when buying one. Some effective ingredients that are ideal for eye creams are Vitamin C and E, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Caffeine, as well as Retinol.
  • Before buying an eye cream, make sure to consult skin care experts and dermatologist to know the condition of the skin as well as the type of eye cream to be used. Aging mark remedies like eye creams can be effective depending on the type of skin, it is very important to make sure to buy a product that is applicable to the skin.
  • Proper usage of eye creams is also important to avoid over using and make the condition of the skin from getting worse. Always remember to just use pea sized ye cream at the end of the finger. Always remember to use the finger tips in applying eye creams to make sure that the application is gentle and properly done.

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Stretch Mark Solutions for Every One

Posted on March 19, 2013
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As years go by, people age which is why it is normal to see different kinds of changes in the appearance specifically the skin. A lot of adults complain about the way they look as they get older.

Well, they only meant changes in their appearance that can be obviously seen such as wrinkles and lines on their faces as well as their continuously sagging skin, but they often neglect stretch marks on their bodies hidden underneath their clothes.

  • Take a closer look at stretch marks- stretch marks are embarrassing aren’t they? Well, it’s not a big deal for some people who can still manage to hide them, but for those who can’t, it’s something that could affect one’s self esteem..
  1. Commonly, stretch marks are most likely seen on women who just gave birth especially to those that are first time moms. They consider it as one of their biggest problems after giving birth.
  2. Another cause of having stretch marks is sudden weight loss as well as weight gain. The skin is unable to adjust to sudden body changes resulting for it to break and leave some skin lines know as stretch mark.
  3. For young adults, stretch marks may also appear as a result of puberty in which their body starts to develop especially those who experience sudden growth.
  4. Some people also have stretch marks because some of their family members also have it. Sounds new, believe me, they do.
  • stretch mark creamsKnowing stretch mark solutions- there are a lot of stretch mark solutions in the market including tons of stretch mark creams that promises 100% satisfaction to their users, although none of them proved it yet.
  • Consult a dermatologist- before diving in for self medication it is always a best option to visit a skin care expert and ask for opinions and advises on how to properly take care of stretch marks. They can help through examining the type of skin and the appropriate type of medication or solution for stretch marks.
  • Go all natural- there are a lot of herbal and natural solutions proven to have some effects in getting rid of stretch marks. Take advantage of them because they cost lesser compared to commercial stretch mark creams and lotions found in the market. One of which is cocoa butter, this is one of the most helpful ingredients in most stretch mark creams because of its ability to smoothen skin areas affected by stretch marks.
  • Prevention is better than cure- as they say, it is much better to prevent the appearance of stretch marks rather than looking for remedies to get rid of them. This is most likely applicable to pregnant moms who are in the early pregnancy stage. In order for them to avoid stretch mark after pregnancy, they must make sure that they have enough vitamins and nutrients in their body like Vitamin E which is known to make skin smooth and healthy. This may not be completely effective as stretch marks for pregnant women are unavoidable, but it is proven to minimize their appearance.

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Getting Rid of Scar Troubles

Posted on March 09, 2013
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Getting injured leaves cut or wound on the skin sometimes. A wound does heal after being treated, but it leaves scars on the skin, and whether they are small or big, scars will last for a lifetime.

Deep wounds are the ones that would soon develop and become big and bulky scars, while narrow wounds often leaves lighter scars on the skin.

Sometimes even a simple scratch or abrasion can also leave scar on the skin.

  • How is a scar developed?

In medical terms, a scar is considered as a fibrous tissue. A scar is formed on the skin for the purpose of repairing any broken tissue as a result of a cut or wound.

The human skin is designed to produce more cells, this is because the skin needs to re-grow which further heals the damaged skin.

  • Nobody like scars

Scars as ugly marks left on the surface of a damaged skin and can certainly affect a person’s self-esteem especially if it is visible on the face.

Some people with scars on their faces are forced to wear make up to cover them up.

Well, there are known techniques to remove scars from the surface of the skin such as creams, cover ups, and prosthetics, but none of these can definitely remove scars completely.

  • Surgeries for scars

Dermatologists often recommend surgeries to their patients who want to get rid of their scars. They use medical methods like laser surgeries as well as steroid injections.

They can eventually lighten the scar, but they can’t still completely remove the scar off the skin, not to mention that these surgeries and injections may cost an arm for everyone who wants to opt for these types of options.

  • Herbal remedies for scars

The use of herbal remedies for scars is known worldwide. Herbal remedies for scars can be less expensive than any other scar removal solutions.

Another good thing is that, they don’t have any known side effects that could do further harm to the skin since they are considered to be all natural.

Here are some herbal remedies for scars:

  1. Aloe Vera- this is one of the most commonly known herbal remedies for scars. Also considered as home remedy not only for scars, but as well as to all sorts of skin disorders that normally appear on the human skin. Acting as natural bleach, use the juice of this plant to slowly reduce and remove scars off the skin.
  2. Cucumber- this healthy vegetable is usually used to reduce and lighten dark eye bags, but t is also an effective remedy for scars. Make use of a Cucumber paste and apply it to the area of the scar and leave it over night. A lot of people with scars opted for this alternative remedy and proved that it smoothen the scars on their skin.
  3. Indian GooseberryIndian Gooseberry – not a popular herbal plant it may seem, but the Indian Gooseberry is one of the favorite when it comes to scar remedies. This plant is also a rich source of Vitamin C needed by the skin to heal wounds as well as scars.

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Things to Remember in Getting Rid of Acne

Posted on February 27, 2013
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As a part of growing up, skin condition also changes. For some teenagers, growing up has downsides, and one of it is acne.

Its main effects on teenagers can be extrinsic as it lowers their self esteem, plus some people love to make fun of those who have acne on their faces.

Teenagers and adults suffer from acne.

Well, acne flare ups particularly to an adolescent is the result of what they call as types of hormonal imbalances in the body as it develop and grow.

Not to mention that, the body also have some chemical imbalances that adds up in the possible growth of acne, this commonly happens to adults.

Furthermore, toxins that are not flushed out of the body can be another reason of acne development for adults.

Knowing more about acne and its remedies

  • For sure, some of us are not aware of this- acne comes in different types depending as well on the type of skin and individual have. So, before committing to self medication using the anti acne product seen on TV, make sure to know what type of skin the body has.
  • Knowing the skin types and using medications applicable to those skin types- consult the advice and opinions of skin care experts, dermatologist, and physicians regarding the condition of acne. Medications available for acne caused by hormonal imbalances in the body is different compared to medications used for acne cause by chemicals and toxins in the body.
  • Acne remedies seen on TV commercials and magazines are too good to be true- products seen on TV and magazines do not discuss skin types sometimes. Again, before acting like an expert about acne, get some proper medical attention regarding acne and its remedies.
  • Go on herbal or natural acne remedies- these types of acne remedies does not have any side effects so it is much wiser to opt for these medications before opting for commercial ones.
  • Natural and homemade acne remedies for oily type of skin- One of which is applying
  1. Lemon juice- it is considered as the most effective acne remedy for oily skin types.
  2. Next would be water and baby powder solution- which can be done by mixing a little amount of baby powder into the water to create a moist compound, but make sure to apply it gently to the area affected by acne to avoid having your pores blocked.
  3. toothpasteBelieve it or not, toothpaste is not only for teeth? Yes, because have the ability to sooth acne by the help of its astringent compound, but be very careful in using toothpaste because it may cause burns or irritation to skin pores if done incorrectly.
  • Natural and homemade acne remedies for dry type of skin.
  1. The combination of Avocado and Honey sounds delicious, but it’s even effective as a natural home remedy for acne. Mix some Honey to a mashed Avocado creating a cream and apply it to the acne affected area. Rinse the surface of the skin after 20 mins.

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Hate Wrinkles? Read This

Posted on February 17, 2013
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It often offends others when they are asked about their age, but who’s to blame when aging is something that nobody can avoid.

Aging comes with skin marks and lines that make some people look older than they should. Getting old is something that cannot be stopped or prevented, but skin marks particularly wrinkles are another topic.

Know aging marks:

Common signs of aging can be determined by the appearance of skin marks and lines like wrinkles, skin sagginess, texture, as well as loss of firmness and even skin discoloration.

These signs of aging appear in the human skin as a result of factors known by experts as intrinsic and extrinsic.

  • Intrinsic Factors- these are factors have a lot of things to do with our genetics. Intrinsic factors cannot be controlled since it’s a big part of human anatomy.
  • Extrinsic Factors- these factors on the other hand are things people do like daily diet and nutrition consumed each day, sleep, and most likely lifestyle.

How to prevent the sign of aging:

Some might think that these things can be commonly seen on every health magazines, but technically keeping these things as a part of one’s daily lifestyle can give benefits in a big way than just reading them.

  1. “Smoking kills” – isn’t it written on the pack of every cigarette? One might get very lucky not to suffer from the effects of smoking, but not that lucky to speed up the presence of wrinkles as a result of aging and excessive smoking. In the first place, smoking damages human skin even at a young age. Nicotine on cigarettes can deplete some nutrients and vitamins taken by the body which prevents skin to look good and smooth. Smoking can give wrinkles t the skin particularly on the areas around the eyes and mouth.
  2. Staying physically fit –through exercise one can definitely make sure to have a healthy skin. Most people are not aware that staying physically fit through regular exercise can help prevent all signs of aging particularly wrinkles as it helps the body to have proper oxygen cycle and as a result, it nourishes the skin.
  3. Consume a lot of waterConsume a lot of water- not only that water replenish the liquid lost in the body as it sweats, water is definitely vital to help avoid wrinkles. This is because when the human body is dehydrated, it causes skin dryness that can speed up the appearance of wrinkles in the skin. It is necessary to consume proper amount of water every day rather than consuming other sorts of beverages like tea and energy drinks that can most likely contribute into further dehydration and dryness of the skin.
  4. Avoid junk foods- this is not only for kids, and since the word “junk” is present, one should avoid consuming much of it. Junk foods are mainly low in nutrients that could be a great help to smoothen the skin. How about alternative diet such as fruits and vegetables? For sure, these types of foods are definitely high with needed nutrients that the skin needs to fight wrinkles.

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Eye Cream 101: Sign of Aging

Posted on December 24, 2012
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Aging is definitely one of the most hated parts of the human life because it comes with some unwanted marks to the skin.

Of course, no one would like to grow old ugly. A lot of aging individuals tries their best to look younger than their age as much as possible.

This is the reason why some are opting for every anti aging cream they see on the market with high hopes of overcoming the signs of aging.

  • Common signs of aging:

eye bagsThere are several signs of aging that can be seen on human skin, but if areas around the eyes are concerned, then it has to be wrinkles or crow’s feet, sagging or eye bags, dark colored skin around the eyes, puffiness around the eyes’ skin area.

Wrinkles are the most common types of aging signs around the eyes.

  • Preventing signs of aging on the areas around the eyes

Preventing from suffering from acne marks is the best way in making sure that people do not have to deal with it. It is also best not to self-medicate because it might just get worst.

It is a fact that people’s lifestyle is the biggest contributor of having these signs of aging and here are some points to consider.

  1. Appropriate and healthy lifestyle is definitely ideal to maintain healthy and smooth skin even at an old age. Healthy lifestyle may include having enough sleep and opting for balanced diet to achieve the need nutrients of the human body to produce healthy skin cells.
  2. Surgeries and medical procedures can also be an effective solution to get rid of aging marks around the eyes. Some medical experts use laser technology to lighten and vanish wrinkles and fine lines on the area around the eyes, while some opt for skin stretch surgery in which the wrinkled skin is stretched for it to look younger.
  3. Eye creams is the most popular when it comes to removing the signs of aging on the area around the eyes. This particular solution is in demand as a lot of aging individuals are suffering from the different signs of aging. In choosing for the right eye cream, it is very important to look not only to which is effective but as well as which is safe. This is just one of the misconceptions committed by those who are opting for ordinary and cheap eye creams. It is also necessary to examine the ingredients of the eye cream before buying them to make sure that it has no counterproductive effects on the skin.
  4. Always make sure to follow the right procedure and application indicated when using eye creams to avoid negative skin reaction due to over usage of the product. Following instructions and avoiding self medication is definitely important.
  5. Consulting skin care experts as well as dermatologist about the type of skin and appropriate eye cream to be used is required before going for self medication. This is because there are some eye cream products that are designed according to different skin types. Of course, no one would want to get the wrong eye cream for their eyes and suffer its effects.

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Stretch Mark 101: Getting Rid of It

Posted on September 22, 2012
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After pregnancy and giving birth, women begin to feel ease and comfort as they no longer have to carry the extra weight of the baby inside their tummy.

The thing is, getting pregnant means having to suffer from stretch marks. To most women, post pregnancy gives them more problems.

Stretch marks are just simple marks that appear as a result of their tummy getting stretched because of pregnancy.

Everyone should worry about stretch marks too.

Pregnancy is not the only reason for having stretch marks. Everyone has the tendency of having it too as a result of some factors.

Here are some:

  • Sudden weight gain – men especially those who use to work out and lift heavy weight has the biggest tendency of having stretch marks. As their body starts to expand and develop muscle growth, their skin stretches leaving lines and marks. Well, those who does the natural way of working out like lifting weights has the biggest tendency of having stretch marks compared to those who depends on muscle enhancer such as steroids.
  • Puberty- this is a very common situation for kids mainly adolescent and especially for those who grow bigger than their usual size and age. Stretch mark appear on their skin mostly underneath their armpit and as well as on their waist line.
  • Aging- stretch marks are considered as one of the signs of aging together with wrinkles and sagging, as well as other types of skin marks seen on the skin of people who are growing old. The more you age and the more you grow, the more tendency of having stretch marks particularly those who use to live a not so healthy lifestyle.

What to do to get rid of stretch marks?

  • get enough sleepThere are several known ways on how to get rid of stretch marks and one of them is through prevention. If people have the discipline to keep their normal weight, they have bigger chances of preventing stretch marks. Most people are not aware that when the fat tissues in our body start to get thicker and thicker, they became a big factor in promoting stretch marks. So, it is ideal to live a healthy lifestyle, get enough sleep, and have proper exercise regularly. Doing this does not only help you in preventing stretch marks, but as well as give you a younger, smoother, and fairer skin.
  • There are a lot of stretch mark creams in the market, but only few of them have the real effects in preventing stretch marks. It would be better to consult a skin care expert on the type of stretch marks cream one should use as the effectiveness of these creams also depend on the type of skin.
  • If stretch mark creams don’t work, there are surgeries that can help out like the method they call as laser treatment in which laser rays are used to fix damaged skin parts due to stretch marks.

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Knowing How to Properly Remove Scars

Posted on August 07, 2011
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Al Pacino is the only person in this world who is allowed to be called “scar face”. Nobody would love to be called by that tag name for sure.

This is the reason why a lot of people go crazy in getting rid of the scars on their skins.

But before going deep on the topic of removing scars, it would be better to start knowing the causes of scars and how they develop on the human skin.

Scars 101:

  • A scar is just a simple tissue that appears on the skin after a wound or cut heals. As the skin starts to re grow and repair damaged tissue, it develops a skin growth on top of the healed wound, this is called as scar. If an individual incurred a wound on the head, don’t expect for the scar to grow hair, it won’t because scars doesn’t have any hair follicles.
  • Not only wounds or cuts on the skin can leave scars because even a simple case of acne and chicken pox may also leave unwanted marks called scars. Expect the worst if you suffer from burns because they will definitely leave large and bulky scars on the surface of the skin.
  • A scar does not only do physical damage, it also does damage to the emotional being of people who have scars particularly on their faces. There are some who lose their self confidence of facing other people because of their ugly skin marks. It can be proven by tons of scar removal solutions and creams that are flooding the market these days.
  • What is the most effective way to remove scars completely of the skin? This may be the most popular question when it comes to scars. People should not only focus on what is effective in removing scars, they should also consider what is safe for their skin. There are numerous scar removal products in the market today, but not even have half have proven to be either safe or effective in dealing with scars.

Scar removal solutions:

  • scar creamIf opting for a scar cream is what a person wants, it is very ideal to that the opinion of an expert such as dermatologist or physician is first considered to make sure that the scar cream to be used is safe and applicable to the skin type to avoid the condition of the skin from getting worst. This is because some scar creams may have side effects.
  • It is also ideal to opt for herbal or alternative scar removal solutions Aloe Vera, Lime juice, and Cocoa butter. These types of scar remedies are proven to have no side effects on the skin and they cost less compared to commercial scar creams formulated by manufacturers in the market. They can be easily seen in the surrounding even at the comforts of every home. They may not be that very effective in removing scars right away, but these herbal solutions can help lighten up and smoothen the scar until it is completely vanished off the surface of the skin.

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Options to Get Rid of Acne

Posted on June 04, 2011
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A lot of people suffered acne during their teenage years, or maybe suffering from acne up until their teenage years.

As they say, appearance of acne on the surface of the skin is just normal especially to adolescents, but there is a deep explanation based on an expert’s opinion.

The horrors of acne

Not only teenagers suffer from acne but as well as adults and in this case, it is known as adult acne. However, teenagers are the ones that are mostly affected because growing up also means hormonal imbalances.

To know more about how to take care or get rid of acne, here are some of the things to consider:

Get rid of acne: Do it the “Herbal way”.

  1. Herbal acne remedies are powerful- some might have tried out herbal acne pills already, but for those who have never heard these things, it’s time to know that it helps a lot in getting rid of it.. Herbal acne remedies like acne pills are composed of ingredients that are very essential in keeping a balanced hormone and chemical in the body. Studies had proven that these hormonal imbalances contribute a lot in the development of all types of acnes.
  2. The ingredients of these herbal acne remedies are the reason why they are in demand in the market today. Herbal remedies’ soothing effects can be very helpful in getting rid of acne as well as calming other types of skin disorder. Composed by several ingredients blended together and created for the purpose of clearing acne completely, individuals suffering from teenage and adult acne are now opting for herbal can remedies all over the world.
  3. Some herbal products can give vitamin E to the body which is very essential to the overall skin health. These types of herbal products are available in the market, so be sure to use some of these products to maintain healthy and smooth skin.
  4. aloe vera pillsAloe Vera is an herbal plant that has already proven its healing powers to those who are suffering from various skin related disorders like acne. Experts formulated an all natural acne pill with Aloe Vera as its main ingredient. If Aloe Vera before can be directly rubbed to skin disorders, now it is already available in pill form to fight against all types of acne flare-ups.
  5. Don’t think that botanical gardens are boring because most acne remedies today have botanical plants as their main ingredient. Feel free to visit some skin care websites on line to see the wonders of herbal and botanical plants can do to help in getting rid of irritating acne.

Seeking for professional advice

Make sure that before opting for several acne medications; consult a physician or skin care expert like a dermatologist to make sure that the right acne remedy is used for the right type of acne.

Please be advised that some remedies especially those that are not natural can give allergies, irritation, and side effects to the skin.

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Fighting Wrinkles in All Natural Ways

Posted on March 04, 2011
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No adults want to have wrinkles appearing on their faces, even old people have a lot to say about this natural part of aging.

However, if they know some facts about wrinkles and how to avoid them as well as other signs of aging, they will definitely be able to prepare themselves to get very surprising results.

  • Aging can’t be avoided, but wrinkles can be avoided.

It is normal to see adults aging with wrinkles showing around their eyes, their mouth, and foreheads, but if they had a choice, they would not want to have wrinkles or any other signs of aging.

It is a good thing that there are solutions that can try in order to avoid these aging marks. These solutions range from simple tips, high end products and expert medical care.

Everyone who is approaching their adult years should be aware that all signs of aging including wrinkles can be avoided or perhaps minimized if they are aware of its causes.

According to a study conducted by health experts, there are two contributing factors to the signs of aging. Human genetics is considered as one of these factors, it is something that can’t be avoided unless one possesses immortality, which is definitely impossible.

The other factor is the way people live or what is known as their lifestyle.

The food and nutrients that the body consumes as well as taking care of the body’s health through proper rest has a lot to do with aging marks.

  • Preventing wrinkles and all signs of aging.

Here are some things one must try to do achieve that younger looking skin and avoid all signs of aging particularly wrinkles.

No purchase is needed because awareness and self discipline are what they require.

  1. To avoid wrinkles, it is very ideal to drink plenty of water every day. Keeping the body hydrated regularly can help flush out toxins as well as keep skin moisturized. One of the effects of dehydration is dryness of skin, so make sure to always replenish lost body liquid for a healthier and smoother skin.
  2. red wineFor men, consuming too much alcohol can harm the skin, it would make sense to drink red wine instead. Red wine is known to have a lot of benefits and one of them is anti aging, but make sure to drink moderately like 1 to 2 glasses of red wine daily.
  3. Health experts are done preaching with the effects of smoking to everyone’s health, so beat it! Second hand smoke is more dangerous and can contribute a lot to speed up skin aging in all perspectives.
  4. Now for women, it is a fact that make up can make a woman look good, of course depending on how it is applied. However, every woman should not do it on a daily basis since wearing make up every day can contribute to the fast appearance of wrinkles. Be natural as possible, but if it is needed to wear make every day, opt for natural make ups, no artificial additives and colors, less damage to the skin.

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